A Little Love from Mark & Doreen of Scottsdale

It’s feedback like this that keep me going when things are bit challenging……Big THANKS to Mark and Doreen for their kind words and support.

“We are foodies who shop the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers’ Market and AJ’s each week we’re in town.  We’ve been buying Little Rosie’s Filipino Salad Dressing and Marinade (regular and spicy) since Pam first showed up at the market.  We love Rosie’s, and we wish we could get it at AJ’s (like we do with Gina’s homemade burrata) since we’ve run out of Rosie’s on more than one occasion.  We use it up so fast because it’s really versatile — we’ve mixed it into mashed potatoes, rice, cottage cheese, we’ve put it on salad, over vegetables, we’ve cooked meats in it.  We even created a kind of caviar-like treat by boiling Rosie’s with mustard seeds.  Together with pieces of shish kabob sirloin, the Rosie’s-swollen mustard seeds make a killer side dish.  Please consider adding Rosie’s to your condiment selection so we won’t run out again.  Sometimes, the weekend is just too far away to wait.”

Thanks – Doreen and Mark     Scottsdale, AZ

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