Pickled Perfection: A Family Recipe That’s Heating Up Phoenix

IMG_20130717_111756Question. If you take one Vice President in the retail business, add two sons, leave one VP position, throw in a secret family recipe, and put it all together in local farmers markets, what is your final product? Well, it turns out to be pickles! Probably not what you were guessing. If it is you are either brilliant or troubled and should seek immediate help. I met up with Dean and Travis Lambros, two thirds of the Pickled Perfection crew (Dean’s son Adam completes the triad), last Wednesday at Town and Country Farmers Market, just one of the many locations where you can find their flavorful pickled produce. Dean began playing around with his own brine while working as a VP on the retail scene. Play turned to mastery over his unique mix of dry ingredients which is used to pickle cucumber, green beans, and even celery. The recipe quickly became a family favorite, and a family secret, though the flavor found approval from friends as well. The growing fan IMG_20130722_195942base, as well as support from Travis and his brother Adam, encouraged Dean to take the leap and put the product on the market. Despite some bumpy beginnings, he, Travis, and Adam proved to be as special a mix as the brine. With Dean as the founder, Adam in charge of wholesales and online operations, and Travis overseeing retail, farmers markets, and kitchen production, Pickled Perfection is not only carried by the markets, but grocers, such as AJ’s Fine Foods, as well as local Arizona restaurants and bars. Used to jazz up a variety of dishes, from salads to cocktails, Pickled Perfection even has some recipe ideas, such as M&M’s for grownups. Starting with some vodka and their pickled mushrooms, add the brine instead of olive juice to make it dirty, include a mushroom and boom! A delicious dirty martini that I will definitely not try, as I am not yet 21, and under no circumstances would I ever want to be drinking underage, as that is unlawful, and something I would never ever do…ever. But for those of you who can lawfully enjoy, give it a try and let me know what you think! I personally find they’re a great way to spice up a night…I mean the pickled veggies, of course. As I mentioned before, you can buy their products from stores and markets, or you can order online or off the menu of some local restaurants, all of which are listed on their website. Try some today, and see why Phoenix has spicy pickled fever!

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