Heaven and Earth – House of Macrobiotics


 Although I’m enjoying my mom’s (Rosie) cooking in Florida, I still miss some of my favorites from Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market.  Often times people are scared away from food that are considered ‘healthy’ but they really shouldn’t be, healthier foods actually have more flavor.  Heaven and Earth has healthy and delicious mastered, they sell a variety of prepared food and energy bars in several of the farm markets and offer catering as well.  They’re a great resource for when you want eat well without the work and also great inspiration for you own recipe ideas when preparing your own food.* My favorite right now is the salad with brown rice and quinoa pasta with champagne vinaigrette, I actually like to eat it for breakfast. We won’t be back to the market until April 25th but you can find our dressings in any of the AJ’s Fine Foods Stores across the valley and in Tucson.

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