Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my salad dressing cloud up when refrigerated?

A. Due to the natural content of the oil clouding will occur when refrigerated. We don’t recommend refrigerating your dressing; simply store it with the lid tightly on in your pantry.  If you do refrigerate it, put it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds before use.

Q. What wine goes best when using Little Rosie’s dressings?

A. Little Rosie’s Filipino Vinaigrette pairs lovely with a dry red wine or even a Chianti.  If you prefer white wine, try a Pinot Blanc.  The Spicy Filipino Vinaigrette tastes best with a hearty zinfandel or fruity white wine such as a Chenin Blanc.

Q. What is the shelf live on your dressings?

A. Six to twelve months based on our in-house testing. The acidity levels keep it from spoiling. I actually tasted a bottle that I found in that back of our pantry that was over a year old and it still tasted great!

Q. Where can I buy Little Rosie’s?

A. We’re hoping to make our way into specialty and gourmet food stores across the country real soon.  Currently you can purchase our dressing via the internet and a few select stores in the Greater Columbus area.

Q. Why is Little Rosie’s priced higher than the dressing I see in the grocery store?

A. Price per ounce, Little Rosie’s is comparable to the dressings in the grocery stores however we use Expeller-pressed non-gmo oil unlike most dressings you see in addition to our other premium ingredients used.  Also, Little Rosie’s is packaged in a 16 ounce artisan bottle which is larger than most dressing you see in the grocery stores.

Q. What is Expeller-pressed Non-GMO canola oil?

A. Expeller-pressed describes the process by which the oil is extracted with a machine vs. using solvents.  Thus leaving no chemical residues in the oil.  Non-GMO means, not Genetically Modified Organism.  In simple terms, there’s no artificial manipulation of the plant’s DNA.

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